He was born and raised in the Show Me State
Wore thick glasses and spent much time reading
Snuck into the army memorizing an eye chart
Captain in World War 1 of the Dizzy Ds

He was a farmer, never went to college
Lifelong Democrat, failed businessman
No one heard of him before he was 50
He played piano well

Man from Independence
Down to earth, and average
Determined, never gave up
Always unassuming

Jackson County judge thanks to Mike Pendergast
Loved people, and boy, they sure loved him back
Crisscrossed Missouri to become Senator
Helped end mismanagement in the defense industry

Then what happened came as a great shock
Asked to be Roosevelt's Vice President

His worst fear came true when Roosevelt died
He now was in charge to end World War 2
Made the tough choice to drop the atom bomb
Bringing World War 2 to a deadly close

Fought for the United Nations
All about the Marshall Plan
Containment of Communism
That was the Truman Doctrine
Soon Korea needed help
Truman then sent troops to them
But here we go again less than five years later back at war, back at war
The Cold War has begun
Time to police the world
The Cold War has begun

Harry Truman, man from Independence
Harry Truman, down to earth, and average
Harry Truman, determined, never gave up
Harry Truman, always unassuming

Fired MacArthur, yeah the buck stops here
Foreign policy defined his presidency
His Fair Deal called for progressive ideals
Underdog when he defeated Thomas Dewey


from The Presidents of the United States of America (Volume 3), released February 18, 2013
Matt Beat


all rights reserved



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