It Just Came Out That Way (EP)

by Electric Needle Room

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released December 1, 2009

Matt Beat, Steven Beat


all rights reserved



Electric Needle Room Lawrence, Kansas

Electric Needle Room are an indie pop band based in Lawrence, Kansas. It is mostly a solo project for Matt Beat, but his brother, Steven Beat, also helps with percussion. Emcee DL, Bryan Poole, Dave Thomas, and Chris Huggard have all helped the band with live performances throughout its history. ... more

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Track Name: Sleeping
I'm not living my life
I'm just pretending
You're all over the world
And I'm here sleeping
Track Name: Don't Judge Me
I wear white socks with black dress shoes
I have libertarian political views
I like Frappuccino and other frou frou drinks
I won't give you any money if you're lazy
I like the music of John Mayer
And I don't like to comb my hair
But don't judge me
Don't judge me
I talk to animals though they don't talk back
I spend a lot of time staring at maps
I don't drink alcohol, well at least not very much
I try to get along with about everyone
I don't mind watching chick flicks
Sometimes my nose will be picked
But don't judge me
Don't judge me
You're judging me right now
Track Name: How Ya' Been?
Well it's been years since I seen you
We used to be pretty good friends
It was about the time you moved out of state
That we never called each other again
Sure we are Facebook friends
But really what kind of communication is that?
How are the wife and kids?
Oh you don't have any kids? I'm sorry about that.
Who are you anyway?
I used to know you so well.
Remember when we went to see Mates of State?
Remember ultimate frisbee every Tuesday night?
Remember when we rocked out in our band in the basement?
Remember that time at Charly's when you got in a fight?
We were once close friends
but now you just feel like a stranger to me.
Now we meet for drinks to try to catch up
but all we have to talk about are all the memories.
Who are you anyway?
I used to know you so well.
But how ya' been?
How ya' been?
Track Name: Organic
Walking through Whole Foods
All the hipsters and the hippies staring at me
I'm checking all the labels 'cause I'm
trying really hard to be healthy
I don't want to be 45 with a breathing machine
And I don't want to die before I meet my grandchild
I eat organic so I can live two years longer than you
I eat organic. Believe it's not because I'm better than you
Watch out for that high fructose corn syrup it's everywhere
Trans fat and sodium are not my two best friends
It doesn't really matter if you run twenty miles a day
If you eat all that crap your heart will not be okay
I eat organic so I can live two years longer than you
I eat organic. Believe it's not because I'm better than you
Let's go grab a whopper from the local Burger King
That's enough calories to last us the entire week
Or let's spend three times as much on a veggie burger
It won't taste as good, but it won't clog or arteries.
I drink organic so I can live two years longer than you
I drink organic. Believe it's not because I'm better than you
Track Name: Oprah Winfrey (My Favorite Billionaire)
Oprah Winfrey made the cover of her magazine
Good 'cause I did not get enough of her on TV
When she tells me what to buy and what to read
I do what she says, she knows what I need
She's my favorite billionaire
I joined her book club twenty months ago
I will only read it if she tells me so
A few years back she started a daytime TV show
and taught us things she thought we all should know
I want to be like her, she is so smart
I talk about her with my friends as I shop at the Wal-mart
When she speaks I listen, I really take it to heart
I've decided we should never ever be apart
She goes through the same troubles I do everyday
Well except for the money thing- she has plenty of that
Like Dr. Phil, she reminds me that it'll all be ok
As long as we take her advice and live our lives her way
I want to be like her, she is so smart
I talk about her with my friends, as I shop at the Wal-mart
I wish she would run for President of the United States
She might be the only one who could actually afford it
Track Name: I'm Boring
I don't go to parties anymore
I don't have very many friends
My wife and I like to sit on the couch
Sometimes we watch a little TV
We might go out for a drink
But we must be home by 10
And dangit I must get my beauty sleep
If we want to ever go out again
I'm boring but I'm ok with it
Hey maybe I'll just watch a movie
For a little excitement
But we're not going to a theatre
There are too many people
Plus I don't like driving
You think you've figured me out
Because there's not much to figure out
You've probably predicted that this verse is nearly over
And soon I'll be singing the chorus
(chorus) I'm boring but I'm ok with it
I'm living like there's tomorrow
Track Name: Kill the Mainstream
We're underground
But we are happy
Will you join us?
Let's kill the mainstream
Kill the mainstream
You won't find most of us on MTV
or those stupid magazines that you always like to read
And you won't find most of us on radio
or that stupid TV show on the network ABC
Your best bet's the internet to find the obscure
and rarely heard
But don't expect to do a Google search
'cause you'll find that your research will lead
mostly to some turds
Keep on digging
You won't find most of us in Pitchfork or in
Brooklyn, New York or rocking sold out shows
I think a music geek who has a blog might have
written about us once or twice a year ago
We may be unpopular but that doesn't mean we're no good
To think the only ones who are the best are the ones who win Grammys is completely absurd
Keep on digging
The best stuff you'll never hear is the best stuff without great PR
Some random great band you heard on Myspace will never be big without luck or money
Track Name: We Should Be Together
You and me, we should be together
You were surrounded at a party
By boys with ulterior motives
Feeling a bit light-headed
I snuck through the crowd
I grabbed you by the hand
Took you outside
Sat you down
Looked you in the eyes (and said)
You and me should be together
Let's take a walk in any direction
I don't care about the destination
As long as we're together
As long as you're by my side
It doesn't matter what we're doing
With you I'll always have fun
I'll adapt to all the changes
That are inevitable (because)
You and me should be together
Forever and ever after

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