Safe, Effective, and Fun

by Electric Needle Room

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With the release of their 4th studio album, Electric Needle Room (brothers, Matt and Steven Beat) seem to be at the top of their game. Safe, Effective and Fun has a more evolved and focused sound than heard on previous records, adding more kooky keyboard and synth noise with "techy" electro drum beats, somewhat recalling the midi-gamer aspect of The Faint and Crystal Castles (One Good Friend, Here's What I Have To Say About Tomatoes), combined with catchy, off-tuned guitar riffs and almost Beach Boys-esque vocal harmonies (Oleaver's Pub Won't Let Us Play There Anymore, We might As Well Live A Little Bit Before We Die). There is also a new-found, slightly more aggressive and sped-up delivery to the songs than in the past, which is much more reminiscent of their actual live presence. The songs were all recorded over the course of a year or more, between the brothers' homes in Nebraska and Kansas, and carefully picked to bring the listener into a whole new realm of sociopolitical-pop perfection.


released November 23, 2008

Matt Beat, Steven Beat, Bryan Poole


all rights reserved



Electric Needle Room Lawrence, Kansas

Electric Needle Room are an indie pop band based in Lawrence, Kansas. It is mostly a solo project for Matt Beat, but his brother, Steven Beat, also helps with percussion. Emcee DL, Bryan Poole, Dave Thomas, and Chris Huggard have all helped the band with live performances throughout its history. ... more

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Track Name: Farther
Sitting out in the lobby
He is talking lots of smack
He says bad things about my mom
And then punches me in the back
Later on he laughs at me
Calls me stupid and ugly
I pretend that I don't care
and I pretend that he's not there
He called my best friend Sally fat
but he didn't know that she'd fight back
She slapped him then across the face
Then warned him that she'd use her mace
He didn't care and still grabbed her
And that's when I just sort of snapped
I grabbed him by his shirt collar
Pinned him down and told him that
"I will go farther than you. I will go farther than you."
Five years later at a bar
Playing pool, a drink or two
He comes in with his posse
I say "why, how do you do?"
He says "don't get smart with me"
And says he will kick my butt
I say "now take it easy"
and "I didn't mean anything by it."
Later in the parking lot
He comes up to me very drunk
He is talking lots of trash
He then punches me in the back
Later on while he's in jail
I decide to visit him
It may have been sort of mean
I just wanted to remind him that
"I will go farther than you. I will go farther than you."
Track Name: Oleaver's Pub Won't Let Us Play There Anymore
There's this little bar in Omaha
At 50th and Saddle Creek
They host many indie rock bands
Almost every single day of the week
We played there two weeks in a row
The first show went fairly well
But the second show there was no sound guy
And I admit that we did not play well
Two months later I email them
Asking if we can play there again
Well I guess I made the booking guy mad
Because we never heard from him again
Oleaver's Pub Won't Let Us Play There Anymore
I guess we're not cool, not hip, not good enough
I beg and pleaded for so long
For us to play there again
But I never got one reply
They blew me off again and again
I guess it's just politics
But they sure acted like elites
Well you know what? I don't need them.
I can always play at Barley Street.
Oleaver's Pub Won't Let Us Play There Anymore
I guess we're not cool, not hip, not good enough.
Track Name: If It Weren't for Time, I'd Have Some
Why do I have to eat?
Why do I have to sleep?
It takes too much time, too much time.
Track Name: Here's What I Have to Say About Tomatoes
I don't like tomatoes
I'd rather eat potatoes
I said I don't like tomatoes
I'd rather eat potatoes
Or maybe some gardetos
Hey man, I said I don't like tomatoes so you'd best be getting those tomatoes out of my face
Track Name:
Wikipedia, I've learned everything I know from it
Wikipedia, My professors tell me not to use
Wikipedia, A democracy for information
Wikipedia, It helps me impress the ladies
I won't send my kids to college someday because of it
Because it's free, and it's right, at least most of the time, I think?
It said Sinbad was dead but at least that didn't last too long.
Last night I looked up Pakistan, Saved by the Bell, and Hank Aaron.
Wikipedia, Helps me write my term papers
Wikipedia, Insomniacs keep it up to date
Wikipedia, Did I mention it's free to use?
Wikipedia, Because knowledge is power.
I won't let my kids buy books someday because of it.
It's power to the people in nearly its purest form.
If I find any errors with an entry I can simply edit it.
But I better back it up with sources or someone will call me out.

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