1. The World Is Gonna Get Ya

  2. Read

  3. Barack Obama

  4. Don't You Ever Talk Politics With Your Family

  5. The World War One Song

  6. I Don't Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

  7. Stop Comparing, I'm Wearing Myself Out

  8. Donald Trump Poops, Kim Jong-un Poops, Etc.

  9. The Clif Bar Song

  10. My Socks Never Match

  11. Trying to Escape the Bigotry

  12. Too Much Information Age EP

  13. Safe, Effective, and Fun

  14. It Just Came Out That Way EP

  15. The Presidents of the United States of America (Volume 1)

  16. The Presidents of the United States of America (Volume 2)

  17. The Presidents of the United States of America (Volume 3)

  18. It's Getting Personal

  19. Uplifting Songs for the Downtrodden Heart
    The Worsh Ahts / Electric Needle Room

  20. We're 3.5 Years Ahead Of Our Time
    Electric Needle Room / DL Diedrich

  21. The Primary and Secondary Sources Song

  22. The Holidays Are Crap (Without Others)

  23. The Three Branches of Government Song

  24. Freaky Farley

  25. Two Pugs and Three Kids

  26. Super Grandma

  27. Lydia's Song

  28. Triumphant

  29. Waiting for His Dream to Come True

  30. Shannon, I Didn't Mean to Offend You

  31. How Do You Do?

  32. Christmas Movies

  33. What's Your Name?

  34. The Good Kids

  35. I'm Tired

  36. Know Your Source (Gatekeeper)

  37. She'll Be Coming Back Soon

  38. Take Your Best Shot

  39. Stay Awhile

  40. The Compassion Is Also Gone

  41. Elegy for Industry

  42. God's Song

  43. We're the Good Guys

  44. The War On Drugs

  45. Interesting Times

  46. Ignorant Followers

  47. The Night Deposit

  48. Customer Service

  49. What Not to Wear

  50. Yard Work Song

  51. Sitting on the Edge (Of a Toilet Seat)

  52. Friend Capacity

  53. DMV Song

  54. Green Card

  55. When Kansas Met Nebraska

  56. There's Not Enough Leaders in the World

  57. Ungrateful

  58. The Hospital Valet Song

  59. Cynical

  60. Watercooler News Theme

  61. Late to a Funeral

  62. 1,000,000 Years B.C. (Misfits cover)

  63. I'll Never Fit In

  64. Nice...Real Nice

  65. We Are All The Same

  66. The Bible Song

  67. This Is A Christmas Song

  68. The Felt Show Theme #2

  69. The Secret

  70. Different Perspectives

  71. The Felt Show Theme

  72. I Don't Know What I'm Doing

  73. Chuck Manly Theme

  74. Alone, Because Everyone Is Selfish

  75. Destined for Disappointment

  76. There Is No Love

  77. The Hug Song

  78. A Paper's Dream

  79. #10

  80. It's Too Late

  81. Two More Hours

  82. Indifferent

  83. Have Another Tissue

  84. You Can Do Anything That You Want To (As Long As You Have Money)

  85. Natural Disaster

  86. We Were Meant to Be

  87. Only For You

  88. Over You

  89. I Want You

  90. Girls Are So Confusing

  91. What A Difference The Sun Makes

  92. Right Where I Started

  93. Hope

  94. Without You


Electric Needle Room Lawrence, Kansas

Electric Needle Room are an indie pop band based in Lawrence, Kansas. It is mostly a solo project for Matt Beat, but his brother, Steven Beat, also helps with percussion. Emcee DL, Bryan Poole, Dave Thomas, and Chris Huggard have all helped the band with live performances throughout its history. ... more


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