Ohio governor
And representative
Whig then Republican that's fact
Wounded in combat while he
Fought in the Civil War
not once or twice
He was five times

He barely won the election
In fact he lost the popular vote

He defeated
Samuel J. Tilden
by one electoral vote
This would cause, well, quite a controversy
He lost the popular vote
He would sneak in thanks to the Compromise of 1877

Stopped a big railroad strike
Ended Reconstruction
He sent the federal troops home
It was soon after that
That Jim Crow laws would pass
And they would spread throughout the South

He became a hero in
No, I'm not joking

Many African Americans
would sort of feel betrayed by him
Rutherford was a big a proponent
of using only hard money
Rutherford was a family man
devoted to his wife Lucy

Rutherford B. Hayes


from The Presidents of the United States of America (Volume 2), track released February 20, 2012
Matt Beat


all rights reserved



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