Everybody liked him, he had a lot of friends
Loved sports growing up out in Western Texas
Felt pressure from the bar set high by his dad
The more his dad pushed, the more he rebelled
Struggled academically, but turned it around
Even made it through Yale, and later Harvard
Pilot for the Texas Air National Guard
Made riches with the Rangers, drilling oil, went far
Alcohol battles, turned to his religion
Struggled with public speaking, had some Bushisms
Pushed reforms as governor of Texas
Success there later helped become President

He was an average good guy
Who rocked the boat in his Presidency

Okay he was President, but barely beat Gore
The Court stopped the recount in Florida
Compassionate conservative, No Child Left Behind
Many say this broke the tenth amendment

But then 9/11 happened, and everything changed

Well Bush changed many things drastically
Formed the Department of Homeland Security
The people were scared of Al Qaeda and more
They demanded the government just do more
So Bush did more, signed the Patriot Act
Said the government could spy and wiretap
Signed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
Decided to preemptively strike Iraq
Invaded Afghanistan and they're still there
Detained with no trial, tortured many suspects
Half the Bill of Rights abused and ignored
in the name of security, protect the borders!

He was an average good guy
Who rocked the boat in his Presidency

George W. Bush
Dubya W. Bush
George W. Bush
Dubya W. Bush

No weapons of mass destruction found
Hundreds of thousands dead in Iraq
Began the never-ending War of Terror
Or as they call it the War on Terrorism
But will this war, will it ever end?
Yes it will but terrorism will not

Popularity soared after 9/11
And in 2004, he was re-elected
But the wars dragged on and people were dying
The money was gone, debt and deficit rising
Housing bubble burst and everything with it
Everybody affected by The Great Recession
Bush and friends bailed out the big banks,
big corporations, and even citizens
Foreign policy questioned around the world
A shoe thrown at his head, heck it was hurled
Now things didn't go as well as he planned
But he changed the world forever, this is where it stands

George W. Bush
Dubya W. Bush
George W. Bush
Dubya W. Bush


from The Presidents of the United States of America (Volume 3), released February 18, 2013
Matt Beat


all rights reserved



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