Here's the story of Dwight D. Eisenhower

President from '53 to '61
A time when the economy blossomed
Military man for most of his life
Skilled leader and strategist and athlete
Born in Texas, raised in Abilene, Kansas
But moved around a lot as an adult
Bored with coaching and behind the scenes
Wanted to be where the action was at
Eventually promoted to major general
It was World War 2 where he got his chance

They all said "I Like Ike!"

War hero after leading the D-Day invasion
The five-star general who brought down Germany
Came back home, Americans now wanted him President
But he didn't want anything to do with that
Changed his mind in '52 and won as Republican
Growing weary of war, brought the troops home from Korea
But never stopped his fight of Communism
And led NATO for a little bit
So concerned about the domino theory
But still kept the country out of war

And most said "I Like Ike!"

Cold War Hysteria
Covert Operations
The CIA started overthrowing governments
Arms Race
Space Race
The military industrial complex begins

The appointment of Chief Justice Warren was big
Brown v Board of Education caused a stir
And the Interstate Highway System was started
Had a heart attack, didn't know if he'd run again
He took the Suez Canal Crisis in stride
Kept the country safe, rewarded with re-election
Sent troops to keep order in Little Rock
Helped start NASA, sent a rocket to space
Began to think the military was too big
Liked diplomacy, but hard to plead his case

And some said "I Like Ike!"

They all said "I Like Ike!"

And most said "I Like Ike!"


from The Presidents of the United States of America (Volume 3), released February 18, 2013
Matt Beat


all rights reserved



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